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 Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)

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PostSubject: Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)   Wed May 20, 2015 7:39 am

Bells. Sweet, ringing bells. They sing and they laugh and they shout into the night. I hear them, so many, so beautiful. These bells in my head.

Humming to myself, as fingers curl into the hide and begin tugging sharply. My knife, so sharp, meticulously clean, slipping between sinew and flesh. Tearing, jerking, stripping away the exterior and exposing what lay inside. Working the animal clean until it hangs there, suspended along the rotisserie spike I had fashioned just for them.

"I'm not entirely certain what spices we should use with this one. It's good stock, mind you, but I'm not convinced of the flavor." I off-handedly comment to myself. Sometimes she's there to listen, sometimes she isn't. I don't pay much attention in either event.

I pause, stepping back to cut free the last bits of skin from thighs and calves. Careful slits with expert precision, and the body is cleaned with one final tug. A beautiful specimen, held aloft, displayed for me. Displayed, but lacking pride. I know it immediately, and the turn of lips into a sneering grin is something I wish the poor ingredient could see. But, like the rest of the tender bits, the eyes had longed been removed.

"A stew. Simple, without a chance for greatness. Yet people will still love you, even make you a favored recipe. Unless we also decide to have your children, as well. Then you will be truly unique." Casually dismissive, I wander away towards the counter. Stainless steel, freshly cleaned, with only a few towels and utensils scattered about in preparation. I had been waiting for today. The chance to truly shine, and show my darling sible that I was more than only a knife man, more than the magic man.

"Although, I'm not really sure I'm quite in the mood for a stew. Perhaps instead I'll just chop you down and freeze you for later." Waving off the thought, I moved back around, stepping next to the carcass. "What do you think? Jerky, maybe?"

My attention was stolen away by the jerking, wrenching cry of my kitchen door. I had been meaning to get the hinges fixed, but they sounded so lovely when groaning. Much like the main course before they were butchered. Then in through that door came one of the many associates that operated this establishment. Weasley little imps, hated all of them. They all smelled like a meal waiting to happen.

"Hey, we got some people out here wanna talk business. Vincent says he wants you out there, 'case people get jumpy."

I shuddered at the horrible murder the man's native tongue was undergoing. How terribly obscene.

"Yes, yes. Go about your day, Oaf. I shall be there, presently." Stepping closer to the meat, I leaned down, looking at the way muscle still clung to the skull. Then farther, following neck and shoulders, seeing evidence of fine upbringing and much exercise. Yet there was the smell of contamination. A life lived impure.

Reaching down, I dipped pale-grey fingers into the meat of its chest, whipping knife through fat, before holding the wiggling mass, aloft. "What do you think, was she a B cup, or more of a D?"

Watching as the man's face paled to that of bone, then greened an instant later. His lunch was soon spilled into a wastebin, much to my own amusement. Joke aside, and the moment passed, I tossed the bit of tissue aside, turning my attention back to the skewered woman, fleshless and suspended over a drainage floor.

"I'll stew half of you, freeze the rest. Yes, that'll do, nicely." Wiping blood from my hands, satisfied with my decision and that it could be made alone, I twisted around and followed steps behind the oaf that had summoned me. Watching as he staggered half-useless, through the loosely swinging doors.

Stepping out into the bathing light of the dining room, conspicuously empty save for a dozen gathered around a large table. Wine glasses filled to varying degrees, ashtrays with butts and smoldering stubs. Laughter from pigs that didn't know their lot in life. Didn't know the supreme enjoyment of serving. Oh, but they would. They would definitely come to understand. Eventually.

I took up my place behind Vincent, one of the leaner gentle-swine cavorting with the crowd. His laughter was distinct in tone, piercing in that way which set my fingers to curling. Around his throat in my thoughts, but merely into my palms otherwise. I could control myself. I honestly could. There were just times when particular people were begging for my impulse. They were practically screaming for it, and who am I not to oblige? That would be horribly rude of me, and terribly remiss as the chef for the evening's feast.

Vincent enjoyed me being there, though. Enjoyed having a drow to keep on his leash of scraps and opportunity. He thought himself clever, oh so clever. He thought himself superior over all of the men within this horrible, miserable, second-rate restaurant. They didn't even fold their towels into swans!
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PostSubject: Re: Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)   Wed May 20, 2015 7:44 am

-I lean forward against the counter, watching with disinterest as the meat is flayed and parceled out into their repective places.  Finally it hangs skinned, ligaments swinging Pepto-Bismol colored flesh back and forth slowly in a pristine kitchen of chrome and gleaming surfaces.  Drip...drip...drip.. The sound of liquid splattering on polished floor fail to be drowned out by the clink and murmur of diners through the swinging doors.  Water still swirls down the drain built into the floor.  And a fine mist dances across my darkling skin as I listen to my brother speak..but only absently.  

"Hmm?"  Something about spices..  Really..  I ought to pay more attention..but I'm honestly just bored.  Until the human wanders into the room.  His reaction is so typically mortal that I nearly roll my eyes..and instead, wrinkle my nose at the sour stench of bile that fouls the air.  I hate the scent of sickness..  Death, I don't mind..  But the reflexive spill of stomach bile in revoltion is just..revolting.  Fortunately the air is well ventilated in this room, and soon enough the swish of the doors taking my brother and the idiot human out of the room clears the last of it away.  Eventually, I push away from the high counter, stepping down off the stool I've dragged into the kitchen and step across to where my bother has spitted the meat.  Now where did he..  Ah yes.  I poke at the pile of skinned flesh gently, sorting through it with delicate fingertips.  Here we go..  

The female's hand, the degloved remnant of it dangles forlornly from my fingers.  I carry it to the sink, gently rinsing the flesh under the warm faucet of water.  There..  I slip my own small hand into the glove and gently flex my fingers.  The pale, near-gray bloodless flesh crinkles and folds awkwardly around my own digits.  Pretty, pale skin..  So unlike my own.  But brother dearest ruined the flesh..  A careless slip of the knife.  A cut across the creased palm.  I scowl in temper.  No..  No anger.  He didn't know.  Peeling off the useless skin, I toss it back onto the pile with the rest and rinse my hands before toweling them dry and finally following 'Ba out of the kitchen and into the dining room.  

It wouldn't do to leave him alone..  He has no head for discussing things with the lessers.  Hairless apes, all of them.  Nothing but meat and useless politics that mean nothing in their pitifully short lifespans.  But we play nice, brother and I..  We play nice because we no longer have a home to go back to.  More politics..  I shrug to myself.  

Through the doors..  Don't go far without me, brother-dear..  Nary shall we part.  In the womb together..cut from out mother's belly together..  We even share matching scars from the blade they used.  Tiny and faint on otherwise perfect flesh.  I gently stroke the tiny mark on my stomach through the tank top I am wearing.  Can you feel that, brother?  That tiny hurt done to use before birth?  How they cut us apart?  Cut us from one another where we lay entwined in our mother's womb?  I'll never leave you..  And they tried..  Oh they tried..  You are mine..  You were mine when they yanked you out first..squalling and slippery with amniotic fluids and blood.  And you were mine when they pulled me out with you...  I watch as you stand near a table filled with glittery richness and levity.  It doesn't suit you, that glitter and fineness.  You belong in the darkness..  With me..  Come back to me..  

I narrow my eyes on the back of his head.  He is...ignoring me..  Very well then..  I will punish him later.  A fitting punishment.  But for now, the human is speaking.  Something about something that I get the feeling I should pay attention to.  I move closer, leaning in and finally coming to a stop beside my sibling.  My fingers lightly stroke down the bare skin of his forearm..touching that beautifully fine flesh.  Feel me, brother..  I am here..  And I will always be here..with you..  For eternity..-
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PostSubject: Re: Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)   Wed May 20, 2015 7:45 am

Licking my lips at the dryness in the air. Sweat, meat, smoke, alcohol. Illness upon disease. So much rotting flesh sitting around one table, and none of them were aware. None were aware of the purity that stood behind them. I was aware of her every second of every day, always just lingering in the back of my thoughts. Sweet and beautiful, and my own. But I couldn't speak of it. Never a word uttered, never an oath taken. I ignore her, aloof to all her words and flirtations, the gentle barbs of siblings grown together so intimately.

I pay attention, only so much. They prattle on, sweating out details to little things that bear no meaning to T'nK, or myself. Until they talk of contracts. I do enjoy contracts. Chances to kill more of their kind. I always loved getting to kill their kind.

Her fingers. I'm shocked into stillness, rigid in the bones. My skin is soft, pliant, though. Always responding to her. A touch is all it takes to grab my attention. How easily I am strummed by my darling sister. An awareness she is all too keen to demonstrate on every occasion. I would protest, if I did not approve of it so much, in my own way. Soon. Soon enough.

Muscles react as they have for years, a reflexive jerking towards her to brush aside that finger. My own hand caressing her hip, her thigh, her buttocks, whatever gravity and momentum bring me into contact with. Again, my own little way. Quiet, natural, accidental. Clean. I do so enjoy when it goes cleanly.

"A'right, you all are wonderin' why I invited you here tonight. It's not just to eat up all this great food my chef has prepared. It's not to drink up all of this vintage wine that I've stored away for a special celebration. It's to discuss terms. Terms of your submission to my family." Vincent's tone turned serious, and the crowd of men went silent. This part was the exciting part. I always found myself mildly aroused when I knew the humans were about to murder each other. I get especially excited when I get to do the killing. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy killing them?

A few chairs slammed back, toppling over and onto the floor. Men jumped and growled out their obscenities, carelessly shaming their own language in the process. I never did understand why they so enjoyed butchering their own tongue. Baffling.

This was the moment for my sister. The beautiful, silvered tongue. How sweet it was, the warmth of it caressing... words. A contract spoken by her was far more binding than ink and paper. And the prices she would make you pay. I always told her that a life as an escort would have made us more money.

I could see, by the smug, self-important grin on Vincent's face, he knew it was her turn, too. Were you paying attention, sister? Or did you daydream of dirty things, again?
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PostSubject: Re: Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)   Wed May 20, 2015 7:46 am

-I tilt my head slightly, my finger pushed away.  Shame on you, brother dearest.  Shame..  Of which you have none.  In turn, I gently lean away from the brush of his hand.  No no..  You will not touch..  Not yet.  You were ignoring me again.  You and your little games.  Very well then.  We shall see how this comes to play.  I am just slipping my index finger down the rigid length of his spine as the humans suddenly tense..and then begin to leap at one another.  I feel my lip begin to curl.  Animals.  All nothing but pitiful animals.  My brother tenses beside me...I can feel the excitement thrumming down his body as he strains at the leash.  Pulling..  Wanting..  If only this excitement were for me..  I would slip his collar and give him what he wants..  
Punishment.  No death for you, my dearest 'Ba.  No warm blood spilling over your lovely, lean fingers.  No gurgled whimpers choked wetly between bloodied lips.  We are..not contracted to help.  No.  Contracts mean so very much..  Promises..  Written..verbal..unspoken..  They mean honor..  And no matter what else, we have our honor, don't we my love?  We will not be shamed by these creatures.  These evolutionary mishaps.  And we have not been paid.  Coin as very much important as contracts.  I turn away as weapons begin appearing.  Bodyguards should and curse and leap at one another with bared hands, looking to rip and gouge and strangle.  I don't believe I can sneer any harder before my faces freezes that way.  

I withdraw my touch.  Just as my phone jangles in my pocket.  Ah..what is this?  A call will mean work.  Work will mean contract.  Coin.  The ability to live as we desire..past all judgment and expectation.  Not that I care about their judgment.  No.  But we still must live among these low creatures..  And living homeless is simply utterly beyond me.  Although why I ever decided to allow my sweet, sweet brother to offer his services as a chef in a run-down establishment as this is really beyond me.  Perhaps it was the coy excitement in his eyes.  The shy lilt of his head as he spoke of it..  The wistful cant of his body and excited wave of a hand.  I really cannot deny him his little pleasures.  Most of the time.  Unless he has been terribly naughty.  

But we have behaved enough.  I am done with this place.  So I walk away, digging out my phone and swiping the accept call icon.  "T'nk speaking."  

In the background behind me I hear someone scream..  A woman diner outraged by the flailing bodies falling all around.  Glass grunting..  Suddenly, a gunshot.  I step out of the room just as the sound ricochets.  I do hope brother dear hasn't gotten himself shot.  I would be...immensely displeased.  The voice on the other end of the call is a Dwarf.  I loathe Dwarves...  But strangely enough, only on principle.  He snarls and grumbles and cants at me in his odd street-talk.  But eventually he gets to business.  He has work.  Has need  Very well then.  I agree to it in murmurs.  I step outside onto the pavement and to the side of the entrance just as a wave of bodies pour out of the restaurant en-mass.  Abandoning the establishment like rats.  Rodents.  By Lolth, I despise humans.

We are to meet a human female.  Discuss contract..details..  Apparently she is in need of a cleric and a part-time chef.  The corner of my mouth kicks up in a faintly amused smile.  So there we have it..  Meeting set.  Until then..  Where is my brother dearest?  Have I been abandoned?  I end the call.  "`Ba.."  I say our name.  Calling him to me.  Come to me sweet brother.  I need you..  I will have you.  The blood and fear in the air has made me..hungry..-
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PostSubject: Re: Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)   Wed May 20, 2015 7:49 am

The next night:

-I come awake with a deep inhalation of breath.  Warmth surrounds my body, and I snuggle deeper into it, slowly allowing my senses to seep into wakefulness.  Beneath my head, soft, satin heat slowly shifts and moves.  The faint scent of sweat and musk teases my nose.  I rub my cheek against that heat lazily.  Mmm..  Finally..eventually I open my eyes.  A field of skin obscures my vision.  Beyond that the twinkling of city lights in a night sky shimmer between the slated blinds covering the bedroom window.  Outside, I can hear the sirens and wailing of emergency vehicles as they plow down hopelessly mangled streets filled with vehicles and life.  Horns blare..  And somewhere nearby I can hear the laughter of pedestrians as they meander down the cement pavement.  I inhale again, and shift my body into that warmth.  A large hand resting on my bare stomach curls, a masculine breath and murmur stirring my hair as a body shifts behind me.  

I lift my head, eyes blinking to clear my sight and I note that it is early evening.  Just barely past sunset.  Good..  The body in front of me stirs again, and I look down at the pale green skin.  A soft nipple stirs with a breath, and I dip my head to nuzzle my lips against it, suckling for a split second before I bite down sharply.  The resulting squeal and wakeful jerk is suppressed by my hand quickly and efficiently drawn against parted lips.  Hush..  You did well, little meat.  I stare up into eyes widened by pain and surprise.  Really?  Slowly, I peel my hand from lush lips and tap an index finger against my own.  Quiet now..  You have served your purpose.  And you woke up in one piece.  That is more than some of our past entertainment can claim.  Now..  If you want to keep your limbs and delicate bits in one piece, you will stay quiet..and  Because if my brother wakes up, you may suffer a different fate altogether..  

The morning’s activities seem to be coming back to her, because I can see her eyes grow even wider as she recalls the seduction..the sex..  And the pain..  The deliciously decadent pain.  Surprise flickers into fear.  And quickly..nimbly even, the orc halfbreed slides off the mattress.  I watch as her soft, curvy body flits around the room, hunting quietly in the near-darkness for clothes.  The body behind me mumbles and the hand pulls my across the mattress into warm, male muscles.  Lips nuzzle my neck just as the female grabs her shoes and flees.  I hear the front door click closed.  Finally.  

I gently disentangle myself from the sleeping form behind me and slide off the bed as well.  Slowly I stretch, spine arching, fingers reaching for the crackled ceiling.  As I do so, I feel slick liquid begin trailing down my thigh.  Mmm..  Yes.  Reaching down, I swipe the moisture away and bring my fingers to my lips, licking it away with satisfaction.  Very good.  That done with, I flex my muscles and roll forward onto the floor, stretching thoroughly.  Sit-ups, push-ups and even some general yoga to get my blood flowing once more.  Finally, I pull myself to my feet and walk naked to the bathroom doorway.  Above my head the surprisingly study molding of the frame allows me to leap up, fingertips catch on the ledge.  Holding myself suspended there, I do several dozen pull-ups, body flushed, lungs slightly strained when I finally drop back down to the floor again.  Exercise completed I wander into the bathroom and start up the shower.  

As the water warms to its tepid, luke-warm temperature -the best that can be had in this broken-down establishment, I use the facilities and brush my teeth.  Finally, I step into the shower and go about the process of cleaning myself.  As the water grows uncomfortably chilly, even for me, I step out once more and reach for one of two hand-towels.  Swiping it across my body and then wrapping it into my hair, I return to the bedroom.  Still sleeping..  Lazy creature.  Ah well.  I suppose I am accustomed to it.  I will allow him to sleep for a while longer.

My feet carry me to the small, cramped living room.  In the corner is a shrine to my Goddess.  I light a candle and incense, murmuring a soft prayer before turning to the workstation against a nearby wall.  Innumerable liquids sit lined neatly in vials.  Herbs and bone-shavings are collected in small stone condiment bowls.  Two pestle and mortars sit on either side of the workbench.  It would be unwise to mix them up.  Leaning forward, I slide forward several bowls and the left mortar, sinking into the soothing rhythm of alchemy.  

An hour later, I finally look up from my work.  The room reeks of mysterious scents.  The butane torch glows in my hand as I squint thoughtfully from behind goggles to guard my eyes from the smoke.  Flicking the flame off, I wave a hand over a smoldering pile of herbs, and then lay it down on a small stone slab.  Stepping back I allow myself to stretch once again.  Ugh.  Peeling off the goggles, I go to open a window, unwinding the wet towel from my now-damp hair, rubbing thoughtfully as the smoke gusts out into the smoggy city.  The night air swirls over my skin, making my nipples tighten in reaction.  Time, I think, to wake brother-dearest.  Pausing only long enough to wash my hands, I return to the bedroom and stop at the foot of the bed to stare down at his peaceful form, stretched out on his back.  The sheet lays in a tangle around his legs, leaving vast amount of bare skin for my eyes.  I trace the tattoos on his flesh with a possessive stare..lingering on the tiny shiny scar resting right below his bellybutton.  My fingers move to rest on the matching scar on my own abdomen.  Mine.  Always mine..  

“Ba..”  I call his name, even as I move away from the bed, leaning down to pick up scattered clothing.  They get thrown into the hamper.  “Ba..  Wake up.”  Louder this time.  We have things to do.  I listen as his breathing shifts.  He stirs as I walk to the nightstand and pick up a bottle of oil.  I turn, lifting a foot to rest on the edge of the bed as I click the pour cap open and dump a small puddle into my palm before leaning down to smooth it over the silken skin of my leg.  My twilight flesh begins to gleam in the city light as I slowly work it deeper.  From ankle to upper thigh.  Nimble fingers slip between soft bare lips and then back up over my buttocks as he finally blinks up at me and I shift my stance to switch legs.  I even grace him with a smile, despite my annoyance at his laziness.  “Time to get up, love.”  

The call from the night before set up a meeting for us this evening.  The human, Tamara, will be the merc running the shots for the job.  I do not know if I wish to work with a human.  On the other hand, I never wish to work with humans.  I wish to never work again.  Not because of the killing..the healing..  That is not the reason.  I wish never to work again simply because I want to finally devote the majority of my time to my Goddess.  I wish to train to become a High Priestess..  Oh to serve the Lady of Chaos in full capacity.  To devote my energies to her needs and desires.  I barely suppress a shiver of delight at the thought.  The Mother of Lusts..  My fingers knead my bare breasts and nipples as I envision the darkling chaos I could wreak in Her name.  Yes..  

Inhaling, I return my mind to the present.  Smoothing oil over my shoulders and arms, I finally click the bottle closed and toss it down on the mattress next to my twin.  “I need you to do my back.”  A ritual between us.  I tug at the clean sheet, pulling it over the soiled mattress and then lean down to slowly stretch out on my belly, offering my slender, vulnerable back to him.  Tugging my damp, tangled hair to the side, I relax, waiting for him to get to it.-
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PostSubject: Re: Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)   Wed May 20, 2015 7:59 am

I could feel night fall upon us the moment sun penetrated horizon. I could feel the lack of warmth on my skin, that flicker instant after light dipped away. It was such a sensual feeling. All over, head to toe, the coolness of night enveloped me. I thrived, then, in the darkness. Not like home, though, the pitch black caves of sewer rats. Not under the yoke and chain of Lloth's filthy priestesses. No, this was how a predator thrives in a game-rich environment.

Our game, my game, was simple. Follow my sister, keep us alive, try to kill as many people as I could. Little, quiet, subtle deaths that could be overlooked as anything else. Tender killings mixed with artistry and adroit understand of abstract thought. But most of all, I enjoyed the slow deaths. Those agonizing, scream-filled, horrific finales that left the victim's face permanently contorted in that look of absolute terror and suffering. It was the most beautiful expression I had ever seen, since the earliest days that I could remember. So pure, so unbridled, so absolutely passionate.

When the half-orc whore was given warning by my lovely sister, I knew what my sible was doing. I feigned sleep, deep and comfortable. It wasn't terribly difficult when the right spells are known. As much as I loved my sister, sweet T'nK, I could never fathom a reason to trust her implicitly. Duplicitous, cunning, manipulative, and heartless. But she was my everything.

After her show, the display of ritual to Lloth, the sexual offering of oil against skin, she sought to rouse me again. This time I answered, as the charade of sleep had long since lost it's purpose. With a slow opening of eyes, I looked up at her. Holding her gaze for a long moment as she settled onto the bed. I lay there moments longer, looking at her naked body stretched out beside me. Lavender skin, supple and silken, always a joy to touch.

Rolling from my back, a knee and thigh straddled over T'nK's legs. I rested atop her, equally nude, not caring for the situation. It was one I had grown familiar with, and despite my best attempts, enjoyed. Our trysts with other meat, the games and dalliances with each other. Always vying for a better position, even though she knew well enough that I would ultimately obey her. I always obeyed. Not without question, I am no dog. But I would do as she judged best.

Fingers snapped up the oil from her, letting it dribble down her spine and pool in the shallow valleys where muscles bunched and relaxed. Beautiful. Perfect. I could break you right now, sister.

"I see our guest woke early." Casually mentioned, an observation not accusation. The pawn moved forward on our board, placed where it can be seen and noticed, yet not reacted to. That'll will be soon. "I had hoped she would have stayed for dinner. I had an excellent pasta recipe in mind for her."

My fingers slide effortlessly across her back, smoothing up and back down, working oil into flesh. She glistens like a doll in the half-light of the evening city. Touching her, feeling her warmth beneath my fingertips, the way her ribs flutter at a touch, so arousing.

Leaning over her, my hair dangles spider-web tips across her shoulders and neck, just barely teasing her skin. Then the gentle press of my weight atop her, hands moving down around her sides and sliding like knives between her and the sheet. Here, now, is the sister I love. When the game is just starting, before either of us have any real chance to play. When it's the two of us realize that we are together still, alive still. This is the T'nK that I long for.

Yet that longing jaggedly scrapes along my sanity, knowing that soon enough the T'nK I hate, will come back. Scheming, slithering about seeking out some new advantage. Always trying to out think everyone else, or simply lay enough shadows at their feet that they'll never see their death.

"My love, I would have let her live if you asked."
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PostSubject: Re: Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)   Wed May 20, 2015 8:00 am

-Ah yes..  I moan gently as his beautiful hands begin stroking across my sensitive flesh.  The silken caress of his hair tease my nerve-endings in cool touches.  My arms, resting next to my head slowly extend outwards and I stretch beneath him, feeling my muscles tremble and tense beneath the weight of his body.  By the Goddess, but I love the sensation of his hands stroking me.  My private pleasure.  My personal sin.  His words are a delicious purr in my ears.  Ah..yes..  Slowly..slowly I squirm beneath him, shifting and turning, the oils in my skin slippery and wonderful.  Finally, I lay on my back, his naked body straddling mine.  My hands reach up, fingers spreading and resting against his abdomen, lightly stroking that scar before dancing upwards across his chest.  My muscles tense and I sit up, finally linking my hands behind his neck, holding myself with just the scant inch or two between our naked bodies as I stare up into his solemn face.  “I wouldn’t ask for the life of meat, brother.  Why would I?”  

Why would I indeed?  I know his proclivities.  I know his wants and his desires..  I know him as well as I have ever known myself.  My tongue lightly caresses my lower lip in a shy tease.  I anchor myself against him just long enough to wiggle so that I can sit upright without needing his support.  The delicate weight of his cock rests on my body, between us..  I almost squirm myself against it.  Almost.  Instead, I swirl my fingers in the web-fine hair at the nape of his neck before wandering away to lightly stroke the ultra-sensitive line of his pointed ear.  He is so lovely..  So deliciously decadent.  I want to devour him.  Swallow him whole..  Make him writhe and swhimper and beg..  For what?  For everything.  I want him…to beg me…for everything.  The urge to make him this moment..  It is almost overwhelming.  I feel my eyes widen with desire at the thought.  The simplest spell.  The barest breath of word.  Oh Goddess…he would
scream for me..  

No..  No..  I must behave.  Must focus my thoughts towards the things we are to do tonight.  I can have my fun later.  Lick his blood from his sweat-stained skin as he trembles and gasps..  Focus!  I shiver against him, finding myself aroused by desire.  Oh..but how I want..  

“We have work to do tonight, my dearest..”  Work indeed.  A spark of excitement sparks at the thought.  “We have a potential contract.”  Oh yes..  A contract..  A vow..  I smile up at him, the expression sensual.  “Perhaps things to kill..  You have earned it..”  Yes.  Yes he has earned that, at the very least.  Just as he earned the orc girl from this morning.  He picked her out..  And I reciprocated his desires.  I can still almost taste her on my lips..  And I remember the storm of his excitement as I made her cry and writhe while he fucked me.  And she did cry.  She writhed..  And most certainly not from pleasure.  Well.  Perhaps a little pleasure.  And then he fucked her..  Oh Goddess..did he fuck her.  It was glorious.  

“Perhaps we will find meat for you tonight.”  I lean closer..and nuzzle my lips against his own, switching to the language of our birth.  The Drow’vanye dances across my tongue like sex magic.  “I am sorry for taking you away from your kitchen last night..”  My apology.  I know how eager he had been.  How he had been looking forward to serving a delicious meal for his guests..  My fingers swirl across the tip of his ear..knowing the sensation is even more intimate than the touch of my lips to his cock.  Our guest was part of my apology..  But I always try to keep that delicate balance.  My power over him is infinite.  My power over him is a leash and chain that he has given to me as much as I have taken it.  It would not damage that between us.  Switching back to the Common tongue, I murmur.  “We have a meeting in two hours, my love.  You will need to get dressed..  And I am sorry to say it.  I would love nothing more than to keep him tied to the bed..or to the wall..and make him beg..  Mine..-
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Sibling Rivalry (T'nK and ErBa'Al)
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